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We search the planet for the world’s finest single origin specialty coffee, fresh roast it here in Dubai, and deliver to your door.

The essential starting point to enjoy great coffee at home, is of course freshly roasted specialty coffee.

To buy coffee beans online, simply select one of our specialty coffees from the list below. A coffee bio for each is available, showing important background information such as elevation and processing method. Why is this information important you ask? These are the two factors that have the greatest impact on taste. We also provide a few tasting notes to guide you when deciding to buy coffee online.

yemen farmer

Yemen Khawlani

Natural Process
Sugared dried apricot, mixed spices
From AED 162.75 Select options

Ethiopia Sidama Sasaba

Natural Process
Sweet & juicy stone fruit flavours
From AED 103.95 Select options
Limu Kebena Kossa specialty coffee cherries

Ethiopia Limu Kebena Kossa

Natural Process
Ripe peach, sweet syrupy body
From AED 99.75 Select options

Kenya Kariua Mutheru

Blackcurrant, pineapple & honey
From AED 99.75 Select options

Ethiopia Limu Lema Edeto

Natural Process
Sweet apple, rich creamy body
From AED 92.40 Select options
Konga Sedie Premium Ethiopian coffee > Jebena Specialty Coffee

Ethiopia Konga Sedie

Natural Process
Dark chocolate, cherry, citrus
From AED 87.15 Select options

Kenya Gakuyu Ini

Sweet, crisp green apple
From AED 87.15 Select options


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