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Specialty coffee has a long chain of custody, with often more than one hundred people involved in the journey from seed to cup. All these people are working hard to ensure that the chain is not broken as a consequence of doing anything that risks impacting the quality of the coffee.

A focus on coffee quality will ensure that your guests are delighted with an extraordinary coffee experience.

As a Dubai based specialty coffee roaster, we understand the challenges our clients face such as barista skills & knowledge, and other areas such as water quality & equipment capability. All have the potential to negatively influence your guest’s coffee experience.

With our barista training programs and expertise, we enable your staff to develop the skills and work practices required in order to exceed guest’s expectations, and ultimately grow your coffee retail!

Developing specialty coffee skills through coffee training such as barista courses and espresso training, is one of the service benefits we are pleased to provide free of charge to our wholesale / F&B partners.



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