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Research shows solid world-wide growth in the specialty coffee sector, and now two out of three guests judge a restaurant by the quality of its coffee. In fact, more than three quarters say* quality coffee makes the difference between a mediocre or exceptional dining experience.

  • As a trusted partner, we work with you to delight guests with an extraordinary coffee experience.
  • We supply the world's finest specialty coffees, independently tested and scored by certified graders.
  • Together, we can help you exceed guest expectations, and grow your coffee retail!

We are a small company, but with a BIG focus on quality. We are located in Dubai Investment Park, with a custom built roasting facility comprising Giesen roasting equipment, a temperature & humidity climate controlled storage, and a professional cupping lab.

The roastery, and our philosophy, are designed around preserving and enhancing the quality and unique natural flavours that our specialty coffees have to offer.

* ref UCC Coffee Research 2014/15. This website is owned and managed by Jebena Specialty Coffee LLC



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