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So many of the world’s finest specialty coffees come from Ethiopia, and here at Jebena we think it’s only fair that we give a little back to the origin from which we benefit.

We are a proud supporter of Beyond The Orphanage (BTO), an organisation changing the lives of orphans in Ethiopia.

BTO uses a unique kinship/foster-care model of care to change the lives of Ethiopia's vulnerable children, one by one. At risk children are placed within loving families in their own community and supported to become self-reliant adults.

Ethiopia is home to five million orphans. BTO is about helping children who have lost their parents to find loving healthy homes within their own communities. They support them with the practicalities of education, housing and health. They nurture them through their social service and providing the individual care they need to know they are not alone, they do belong and they are important to all of us.

To find out more, please click on the logo below:

Beyond the Orphanage

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